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The History Of The Pinhole Camera

the history of the pinhole camera

    pinhole camera
  • The most basic form of a camera in which no lens is used. A pinhole camera is made by making a lightight container and poking a pinhole in the front of the camera where a lens would go.

  • A pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture -- effectively a light-proof box with a small hole in one side. Light from a scene passes through this single point and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box.

  • A camera with a pinhole aperture and no lens

  • A camera whose lens is covered except for a pin-sized hole. You have a very small aperture, so you have to shoot long exposures.

    history of
  • ecology | evolutionary biology | geography | model organisms | molecular biology | paleontology

  • heres a brief explanation of the word *** and how it can be used in everyday life. enjoy!

the history of the pinhole camera - Pinhole Photography,

Pinhole Photography, Fourth Edition: From Historic Technique to Digital Application

Pinhole Photography, Fourth Edition: From Historic Technique to Digital Application

A respected guide for creatives, artists and photographers alike, Pinhole Photography is packed with all the information you need to understand and get underway with this wonderfully quirky, creative technique. Covering pinhole photography from its historical roots, pinhole expert Eric Renner, founder of, fully explores the theory and practical application of pinhole in this beautiful resource.
Packed with inspiring images, instructional tips and information on a variety of pinhole cameras for beginner and advanced photographers, this classic text now offers a new chapter on digital imaging and more in depth how-to coverage for beginners, as well as revised exposure guides and optimal pinhole charts.
With an expanded gallery of full-color photographs displaying the creative results of pinhole cameras, along with listings of workshops, pinhole photographer's websites, pinhole books and suppliers of pinhole equipment, this is the one guide you need to learn the craft and navigate the industry.

* Discover the history, theory and practical application of pinhole photography in this unique guide by worldwide pinhole expert, Eric Renner
* Packed with large, full-color photographs showcasing the most original and imaginative ways to use pinhole photography, including digital application of pinhole techniques
* Includes extensive resource section with reliable information on pinhole suppliers, websites, books and workshops that no pinhole photographer can do without

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Texas Canyon, Cochise County, Arizona

Texas Canyon, Cochise County, Arizona

paint can pinhole camera, 21 sec exp, paper negative, develped in dektol

Texas Canyon is in Cochise County, Arizona, between Benson and Willcox. It is a magical place of giant granite boulders and hoodoo formations. I always look out for Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner to come tearing around the corner while there. The famous Chiricahua Apache, Cochise, made his last stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains near here in the 1870s. The Butterfield Overland stage came through here also, till the Civil War.

We were in Texas Canyon last weekend, and I climbed up on a hillside (carefully..and looking out for rattlesnakes as I went) and made this image with the paint can pinhole camera.

How Texas Canyon got it's name: (quote via WIkipedia here)
"In the mid to late 1880's David A. Adams arrived from Coleman County Texas, soon to be followed by other family members. Hence the name Texas Canyon - there were 'a bunch of damned Texans up there.' Descendants still live and raise cattle on the old family ranch."

The Adventures of Clara D. Camel™ - Chapter 12 {Planet of the Camels II}

The Adventures of Clara D. Camel™ - Chapter 12 {Planet of the Camels II}

Strange . . . I always thought the Statue of Liberty was so much larger. Maybe being buried in the sand for who knows how many centuries caused shrinkage? Am I perhaps dreaming again? Such an icon this was in its time – way back when the United States of America still represented a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. I remember reading about this in history class while attending Miss Priscilla’s Finishing School for Camel Debutantes. Let me see . . .

Zero 2000 pinhole camera with Arista EDU 100 B&W film.

Riis Park, Rockaway, NY

the history of the pinhole camera

the history of the pinhole camera

Imaging Beyond the Pinhole Camera (Computational Imaging and Vision)

This book traces progress in photography since the first pinhole, or camera obscura, architecture. The authors describe innovations such as photogrammetry, and omnidirectional vision for robotic navigation. The text shows how new camera architectures create a need to master related projective geometries for calibration, binocular stereo, static or dynamic scene understanding. Written by leading researchers in the field, this book also explores applications of alternative camera architectures.

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